Duty free storage



This is how the Duty Free/Domestic Warehouse works

I. Open a Client Depository / Ordering

Fax or email the Application for a Collective Depository, the form Establishing the Identity of the Beneficial Owner(s) and a certified copy (certified by a pro aurum affiliate, your bank or a post office) of your passport or personal identity document together with your Order Form to +41 44 716 56 50 or info@proaurum.ch. Once we receive all the necessary documentation, you will promptly receive an email or fax confirming that you are now able to conduct legally binding business transactions with us. Thereafter, all the original signed documents must be posted to our offices in Zurich.

II. Funds transfer / Depository receipt

Once funds have been transferred within 3 bank working days, according to the Invoice amount, into our account. You will receive a confirmation of the receipt of funds and a depository receipt for your precious metals into the Duty Free Warehouse. (The deposit booking can only be booked into our system once the originally signed application forms are in our possession).

Fax or email the Sales Form signed by you stating your preferred Bank Account details to +41 44 716 56 50 or

Thereupon, we will transfer the money (less the outstanding storage fees) to your requested bank account.

Fax or email the Request for Physical Delivery Form signed by you to +41 44 716 56 50 or

A date for your physical delivery will be set. (Please note, a 5 day lead time to process the request is needed before any deliveries are carried out). You will receive an invoice calculated up until the time of delivery/pick up together with the outstanding storage fees.

The Swiss value added tax of currently 8% will be added to the delivery of silver, platinum and palladium together with a standard fee of EURO 160 for customs clearance. Please take into consideration that when transporting taxable commodities over the border into other countries, it is necessary to declare VAT on imports to the customs office of the country concerned.

Prices are deemed binding upon receipt of either a Fax or email by us during the trading times of pro aurum Schweiz AG between

09H00 till 17H00.

After 17H00 and public holidays and weekends your order will be processed and the price fixed at the first price at the start of the next trading day.

As payment, we gladly accept EURO, CHF and USD.

Storage fees and the minimum storage value

Our fees covers both the storage and the insurance of your precious metals. Please note, when taking physical delivery out of the Duty Free Warehouse, a standard fee of EUR 160,00 for customs clearance will apply.

I. Storage of precious metals in our Duty-Free/Domestic Warehouse Embrach/Zurich

The Duty-Free/Domestic Warehouse is situated within a transit zone which allows for your precious metals to be stored without paying the relevant customs duties. The respective VAT on the storage value when buying and storing Silver, Platinum and Palladium within the Duty-Free Warehouse, is not due.
Trading times: 09h00 - 17h00

updated: 01.01.2010 Value of depot CHF
(daily course)
Storage fee*



0 - 100.000 1,75%
100.001 - 250.000 1,50%
250.001 - 1.000.000 1,25%
> 1.000.001 1,00%

Gold, Platinum
and Palladium

0 - 100.000 0,75%
100.001 - 250.000 0,60%
250.001 - 1.000.000 0,50%
> 1.000.001 0,40%
*plus the applicable VAT.

The reference currency for the storage in the Duty Free/Domestic Warehouse is CHF. Value of the depot in EURO/USD will be calculated by the actual daily exchange rate on request. The minimum depot value is 10,000 CHF.

The fee calculation is based on the value of the holdings at the average daily course during the respective time period. Billing will be performed twice a year, end of June and end of December.

More questions?

Our specialist consultants are eagerly awaiting to discuss any precious metals themes and are ready to answer any questions you may have regarding the Duty Free/Domestic Warehouse.

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